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{ My first bridal show}

South Florida Bridal Expo hosted by Jenks Productions

February 15th in West Palm Beach, Florida.

This year I finally made the jump and did a wedding expo. My favorite part of the experience was planning my booth using Photoshop

and then taking my idea/psd file ;) and bringing it to life!!!!

The booth space was filled with the furniture & decor from my home office/home. It was nice to be able to repurpose my furniture rather

than having to go out and purchase items specifally for the show.


From this ^ to this:

south_florida_bridal_expo_west_palm-4 south_florida_bridal_expo_west_palm-3

Craigslist is my best friend! I had been eyeing this Ikea rug for the past couple of months, but didn’t feel like making the

drive to Weston, FL.  I KNEW someone on Craigslist would have it for sale and sure enough, a few miles away, a woman

was moving and needed to sell her belongings. Can’t beat $55 especially for the excellent condition it was in.  south_florida_bridal_expo_west_palm-12Business Cards Courtesy of MOO
south_florida_bridal_expo_west_palm-1 south_florida_bridal_expo_west_palm-11

Pencils/Glitter Clothespins/Drawing Box/Flower/Frames/Tables

all from Tj Maxx or Marshalls

Having a drawing for a free engagement session was a great way to draw people in and to be able to speak to them one-on-one about their wedding plans.

1/2 page flyer printed from Vista Print
south_florida_bridal_expo_west_palm-6 south_florida_bridal_expo_west_palm-7

Thanks to my dad for building me a portable wall.

Canvases from CG Pro Prints south_florida_bridal_expo_west_palm-9

Thank you Mario (my 2nd shooter) for helping me through this process and for running the booth with me.
south_florida_bridal_expo_west_palm-5 south_florida_bridal_expo_west_palm-13 south_florida_bridal_expo_west_palm-14

Overall, it was an AMAZING experience and I would definitely do it again, hopefully soon! We had a great time meeting and getting to know all of the south Florida bride & grooms that stopped by our booth. Thanks for taking the time to share your engagement and wedding details with us! My biggest lesson learned was: the importance of ordering photo albums weeks in advance, even though the site guaranteed that my books would arrive on a certain day, sadly they did not!

xoxo, Sara & Mario