Wedding Photographer Booth Ideas for Bridal Show | Salt Lake City Bridal Show

Another Bridal Show in the books :)

For the past 3-4 years I’ve been wanting to shoot weddings in Salt Lake City.

I could sit here in Florida and change around my website/SEO hoping and wishing for brides to somehow

find me on a google search, but I would rather meet with couples in person, which is why I chose to do another show.

Creating a booth for a bridal show that’s 2500 miles away from me was pretty easy. Easy, because I have two brothers

living in Salt Lake who helped build my wall.  :) Everything else was created and ordered in Florida and shipped to their house.

New Business Cards from: Vistaprint


wedding_photographer_booth_Setup_at_a_bridal_show_1 wedding_photographer_booth_Setup_at_a_bridal_show_2

Gold Sequin Tablecloth from B Cool (Amazon Store)

wedding_photographer_booth_Setup_at_a_bridal_show_3 wedding_photographer_booth_Setup_at_a_bridal_show_4 wedding_photographer_booth_Setup_at_a_bridal_show_5 wedding_photographer_booth_Setup_at_a_bridal_show_6 wedding_photographer_booth_Setup_at_a_bridal_show_7 wedding_photographer_booth_Setup_at_a_bridal_show_8

WHCC Wedding Album & Prints

Thanks to my awesome lab, WHCC, for printing and shipping out my album and wall prints in ONE day!!!

Love at first sight is true ;) The moment I saw the album cover I fell in love, I didn’t even want to open it.

The photo worked perfectly with WHCC’s custom metallic photo cover.


Globe String lights from Hometown Evolution Inc


New CamillaRain Wedding Guides printed with MagCloud


Square Prints from Artifact Uprising