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Lumi Jai

When people told me “time flies by so quickly when you have a kid”, I didn’t believe them. That’s because I was a few months into being a first time mom and everything was so new and time seemed to crawwwwwllllll by. But now that I have two kids I get why they say that,...

Grapefruit Bath Photoshoot

I’m sorry momma stole your grapefruit slices, I just really wanted to see your sad face…my favorite face of all. My baby babes is going on 11 months!! She is exactly what her name means…LIGHT!!! She is the happiest baby, always dancing, making sounds, and smiling. You really are a light baby girl! xoxo, Momma

Key Biscayne Family Portraits | Miami Family Portrait Photographer

Sara, Simeon and sweet, little Mila’s Family Portraits in Key Biscayne, Florida Sara runs her own business as well, called the: Leetle Chicken Shop // Online Children’s Clothing Boutique “As a new mother, I appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity that go into unique, handmade items for my daughter to wear. “Leetle Chicken Shop” is an...