Upper Peninsula Wedding Photographer

When I met Craig & Mari it was at the wedding/reception location: her parents house. I fell in love. I knew it was going to be my dream wedding to photograph, full of details and DIY wedding decor and in her own backyard…how could it get any better?!

Thankfully I came early before it RAINED and RAINED to capture all the time and energy they had put into setting it up.


Mari’s mom had this antique crate and on it it said “Obenhoff Ice Cream Co, Calumet, MI”.

….How perfect since the bride lived on Obenhoff Road and the groom is from Calumet….

….Mismatched Chairs….

First Look

….I think he’s pretty happy to see his beautiful bride….

….Bug Dope is a MUST in the UP….

….No need to worry Mari….

Consider yourself lucky that it rained on your day :) Think about it, rain brings water to dry places and causes the crops to grow, it’s considered a blessing if it rains on your wedding day, symbolizing cleansing, unity & a new day!

….My FAVORITE images from the day (of course it has to be food)….

Thank you Craig & Mari for allowing me to capture your day!

….I wish you both the very best….