35mm Film Adventures in Seattle, Portland & Vancouver BC | Boca Raton Wedding Photographer


Portland, Oregon

The Coffeehouse Northwest in Portland Oregon was a great start to our trip.

The ham & butter sandwich is a MUST!




I’ve had Voodoo Doughnuts on my mind ever since I watched their episode on the Food Network. Mario and

made a stop there last summer and can honestly say it was not worth the hour wait. However, we met a barista named Sarah from Bellevue

who told us about Blue Star Donuts in Portland, and they “blew” Voodoo out of their pink boxes haha!

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Vancouver British Columbia

Breakfast at Cafe Medina


Our first experience drinking a green tea matcha latte.


49th Parallel Coffee Roasters


If  you’re in Vancouver during the holiday season, you have to try the chocolate peppermint donut from

Lucky’s Doughnuts located inside the 49th Parallel Coffee Shop.



was recommended to us by another barista we met here in Boca Raton at The Seed.

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Seattle, Washington

Adventuring in the woods near Lake Padden.

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The Other Coast Cafe

located in Ballard is a great spot for a delicious, hot sandwich.


Their bread was perfection!

top_wedding_photographer_in_boca_raton_florida-39 top_wedding_photographer_in_boca_raton_florida-40

Pike Place Public Market

Home to the first Starbucks, $10 floral arrangements (seriously so cheap for the size of them), the best chowder (Pike Place Chowder),

the best iced coffee ( Le Panier), the freshest berries, and my favorite place to take photos.

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Psychedelic Broccoli


The Morsel and Bean

had the best breakfast sandwiches.

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Snowboarding at Steven’s Pass

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And lastly an image from a store front in Ballard. These gold dipped feathers inspired me to change my

website design and also helped me with creating my home office, which will be soon be blogged!