Guanajuato Mexico

Thanks to Spirit Airlines for the $150 roundtrip ticket. I hear so many complaints about this airline, mostly from people who had no idea that a carry-on

with wheels will cost you $55 or that there’s no free water/pretzels. Mario and I have found ways to “beat the system” ;) For example, use a duffle bag!! As

long as you can carry it on your shoulder they usually don’t say anything, and it holds more stuff than one with wheels.

If you’re that hungry/thirsty, bring your own food and an empty water bottle. Spirit’s snacks are actually cheaper than the airport’s!

The money that we save flying with them, which is hundreds of dollars, is used for more important things, like boutique hotels, guided tours and of course LOTS of delicious meals.

Traveling is my drug of choice.

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On the first morning I woke up to a rooftop brunch overlooking the city of Guanajuato.

Edelmira Boutique Hotel


There’s something about eating breakfast in a foreign country. Maybe it’s just that mornings are when I feel the most “high.”


The city is a zig-zag of skinny, cobblestone paths. One unique feature about Guanajuato are the roadways. Due to the lack

of streets, the city built a system of tunnels underground, and it’s pretty crazy. Here’s a video of what it’s like to get around:





My favorite food is bread :) film_photos_of_guanajuato_mexico-28film_photos_of_guanajuato_mexico-30

80 cents for a cup of pomegranate seeds, in the US it would cost at least 3-4 dollars.


Instagram has helped us tremendously when planning trips. Almost every city has its own unique hashtag. We use the hashtags to

narrow down coffee shops, foodie joints, art districts etc… Mario plans the bones of our trip and I step in when things don’t go as planned.

For instance the photos below. We were quite hungry after a morning of roaming the streets, I don’t recall what we had planned on doing next

but as we were walking I smelled something delicious in the air so we turned around until our noses tracked it down. We came upon a place called Escarola.

One thing I have learned is to never judge something based on the outside appearance, and that applies to everything and one.

Hidden behind an old wooden door was the most delicious and beautiful restaurant. We indulged in mushroom tacos (fresh spinach, mushrooms and melted cheese in a

handmade tortilla) and a healthy green juice made with nopales (cactus), pineapple and aloe, which the lady cut from a plant that was growing on our table. It was so good, we

ordered another round of the tacos and juice and came back the next day. <—I mean we had all this extra money from flying with Spirit so why not, right? ;)




I love the entrepreneurial spirit of Mexico.

I grew up picking berries every summer with my family and sold them to The Monks, who made jams, jellies, and bakery out of the berries. As I walked around all of the

street vendors I envisioned what I would create and sell.



Churros injected with strawberry filling.


Mexicans are so resourceful. They use everything and anything to its full potential. Like a cactus. We had cactus in our green juice, cooked in

a taco, we had the fruit of the cactus in a cup both the green and red kind.


We had two days to explore Mexico City as well. Mario booked a private guided tour who took us the Pyramids in Teotihuacan, to the ancient pyramids that were

discovered in the heart of Mexico City, and to the sinking cathedral. film_photos_of_guanajuato_mexico-87

Cafe Negro in Coyoacan Neighborhood 


Fresas (strawberries) were everywhere.


Cafe Avellaneda


Elote (street corn) is a must when you’re in Mexico. They grill it, cut the kernels off and add mayo, chile, cheese and lemon to it….muy delicioso!!!


These are the experiences I use to dream of. I remember standing in line at the supermarket looking at a foodie travel magazine and thinking I want to do that, I want to travel and take photos of food and the culture. I always wished for a partner who wanted to travel too. Now it’s my reality and I have sooooooooo much gratitude that it brought me to tears while writing this.

Stay tuned for our next adventures. We have tickets booked for Minneapolis, New Mexico, and California.

xoxo, Sara

Images were shot using Kodak Ektar 100 and Kodak Portra 160/400 with the Canon EOS-1 35mm film camera. Thanks to The FIND Lab for developing our rolls.